LEE Filters Introduces Very Hard And Medium ND Grad Filters

LEE Filters 

LEE Filters have introduced very hard and medium versions of their ND graduated filters.

Usually ND grads are only available in hard and soft versions but LEE make their filters by hand meaning they can be extremely precise with the depth of transition between coated and clear sections of the filter

In the past they were exclusively custom made filters however now they have been made available to Seven5, 100mm and SW150 system users. 

Both ND grads are available in 0.3ND (1 stop), 0.45ND (1½ stops), 0.6ND (2 stops), 0.75ND (2½ stops), 0.9ND (3 stops) and 1.2ND (4 stops) strengths.

Prices start from £51.88. More information can be found on the LEE Filters website

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