16 Interesting Images Of People Playing Ball Games Across The Globe


 'Muddy Football' by Chee Keong Lim/Photocrowd.com

‘Muddy Football’ by Chee Keong Lim/Photocrowd.com


An American Football player, people zorbing and a football match in the rain are just a few of the captures that have made the winner’s gallery of an international photo competition run by Photocrowd. 

Even though football was a popular theme, the winning images do show how popular and diverse ball games are across the world with sports such as Lacrosse and underwater rugby also featuring. 

As well as the images featured here, more winning entries can be viewed on the Photocrowd’s ‘Ball games’ photo competition website. Plus, there are also plenty of other free photo challenges to take part in. 

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'Under 21 Underwater Rugby Colombian Team' by camilo diaz/Photocrowd.com

Contest winner: ‘Under 21 Underwater Rugby Colombian Team’ by camilo diaz/Photocrowd.com


'NFL game action' by Rob Skeoch/Photocrowd.com

‘NFL game action’ by Rob Skeoch/Photocrowd.com


'Games in spheres' by Nikolai Barchan/Photocrowd.com

‘Games in spheres’ by Nikolai Barchan/Photocrowd.com


'Boys playing marbles in Cambodia' by Miles/Photocrowd.com

‘Boys playing marbles in Cambodia’ by Miles/Photocrowd.com


'Snow Flurry' by Andy Dovey/Photocrowd.com

‘Snow Flurry’ by Andy Dovey/Photocrowd.com


'Township Team' by Julia Martin/Photocrowd.com

‘Township Team’ by Julia Martin/Photocrowd.com


'Shot on a sunny day' by Marisol Ortega/Photocrowd.com

‘Shot on a sunny day’ by Marisol Ortega/Photocrowd.com


'Lacrosse Youth Provincials - Snowing in March!' by JHoffar/Photocrowd.com

‘Lacrosse Youth Provincials – Snowing in March!’ by JHoffar/Photocrowd.com


'Spot the ball' by Dave Feaster/Photocrowd.com

‘Spot the ball’ by Dave Feaster/Photocrowd.com


'Shot of Joy' by Sudipta Dutta Chowdhury/Photocrowd.com

‘Shot of Joy’ by Sudipta Dutta Chowdhury/Photocrowd.com


'Batter-up' by Jeff/Photocrowd.com

‘Batter-up’ by Jeff/Photocrowd.com


'Keeping up' by Lucy Higgins/Photocrowd.com

‘Keeping up’ by Lucy Higgins/Photocrowd.com


'Burkina Ball' by Chuck Bigger/Photocrowd.com

‘Burkina Ball’ by Chuck Bigger/Photocrowd.com


'World Cup' by Aprison/Photocrowd.com

‘World Cup’ by Aprison/Photocrowd.com


 '0-0' by melis82 Lim/Photocrowd.com

‘0-0’ by melis82 Lim/Photocrowd.com

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